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Ok troll exception.

mzmadmike "Excellent. If it irritates people, it should become more common. Perhaps we can arrange for a gay couple to sloppy kiss while carrying matching 1911s?" Michael Z. Williamson



I am done.

I will maintain this to preserve the name and some of the contacts who will only use it but I won't be using it as a means of getting out info. Too much of a crap fest, too much porn spam. I can't send family here. It's currently not usable at all.

I'm using pastebin for geek stuff now.

Fix for the Kobo Weather station hack

Ok this does NOT WORK as described. You have to apply for a free api license key from http://www.worldweatheronline.com

Use the API explorer to generate an link with your key and zip code. Use XML format. It will look something like this.


Don't pick any of the options, they're not used just enter your zipcode though you can enter zip code or latitude longitude.

Once you have that get the koboroot.tgz file here


Decompress it in a folder, it's a gzipped tar file so you'll have to find a tool for it for windows.

inside it is a file called weather.py, it's located at mnt/onboard/.apps

Edit it and find the worldweatheronline link which will be this

weather_link='http://free.worldweatheronline.com/feed/weather.ashx?q={0},{1}&format=xml&num_of_days=5&key=525804183f140652120211'.format(lat, lon)

Delete everything from ' to the end like this


paste in the link you made


save it and then compress the mnt directory into another file named koboroot.tgz and follow the instructions on how to get that loaded into the kobo.

I am working on a clock that updates every second if I can figure out how to make the screen only refresh every minute and not let the script keep updating the weather every second.

Once I fixed it I ran the script that sets it up to update every hour. it will get a nice frame to hide the power plug and get hung in my kitchen.


Eclipse and lisp


Eclipse is distributed as a compressed file with something incompatible with vindows pseudo-zip so grab 7zip and uncompress it in Program files. Then install the absolute latest java and if needed get the utility to scrub old grounds of java out of your system. Go to the clisp website and get the large economy size of clisp for win32.

I did get it working and tried an example lisp but it has to have been an ancient and decrepit example. I used several clisp examples and it's fine. I have the latest patched version of XP on the wheezer-tron 1000 and it could run it. It did have to chuckle to itself a bit with one of the larger demos..

Once you've gotten the clisp bit done you can make a desktop, start menu or quick menu icon for eclipse.



8bit shift

8bitnintendo is a year older and slightly molder.



I love you more than I know how.
I love you more than I know how.
I love you more than I know how.
I love you more than I know how.
I love you more than I know how.
I love you more than I know how.
I love you more than I know how.
I love you more than I know how.
I love you more than I know how.
I love you more than I know how.
I love you more than I know how.
I love you more than I know how.


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