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I do. I screwed up and can't do anything now. Advice is like pouring poisonous acid on them. It always was wrong but I was too enamored of my magnificence to see that. What I can offer is wrong now.

So I watch.

I can't save them. There is no transference. I can't say "Take me and spare them."

So I watch.
I'm having a post gag reaction to some of the more odorous of the 1930-1960s 'science' fiction. Cock stropping young men all ready to poke with fist, gun or penis that which needs poked as long as it's a cardboard villain or moronic bimbo. This is the worst of them I think. The only moral is intelligence is for losers who make the guns for the real cock mongers to 'get things done." There are good science fiction stories in that era but they're tragically few.

Vacation ending

And I think I've lounged around enough. I conveniently forgot my encrypted usb stick somewhere. I'm sure the NSA will crack it like a nut. Why I have no idea but I hope they enjoy ascii pr0n.

I managed to dredge up the assword to LJ so I have a feeble yet enduring means of communication.


I told a blind friend once he needed a 640x480 pin board that could do 30 frame rate animation. He said WTF for?!? I said porn. He said "I'd rather pay for that in person."



"Jesus cannot be sampled like a yogurt cup at Costco - Aaron Brockett. "

Yes but it's perfectly fine if you serve him BBQ'd at a church picnic. --darkmeval

Wendi lead me to

Yes but it's perfectly fine if you serve him BBQ'd with KC Masterpiece at a church picnic. --darkmeval

BBQ sauce owned by Clorox made of HFCS and lies.


There is little chance I could influence that child in a brief time in a meaningful way. He would have to be removed from the culture he was trapped in and have a lot of damage addressed. I'm not sure I'm competent to do that. If I had the power though I'd at least sterilize that culture. I will provide grid coordinates to any science fiction author who then publishes a novel with a scene incinerating the place with cleansing fire. I'll throw in some snacks if they do it from orbit. It's even better if they all die meaningless deaths.

Quotable - stardust

I like my primordial atoms mixed with healthy stardust, seasoned with healthy stardust and cooked with star power. --mrmeval


A tv show

I suppose if the goal is to get me pissed off and unhappy this tv show is doing that. It's not that it's poorly made or has bad characters but it's like every fucking thing has to be *D*R*A*M*A* no one seems to give a shit about anyone else unless it's to either get a quick fuck, con them or both. None of these people are ones I'd want to spend five minutes with unless it was to push the plunger on the lethal injection. I stuck with this hoping the writers would pull their heads out of their asses and stop the drama spew. That ain't happening. There is no sense of wonder there is no exploration there is a lot of whiny angst and angsty whine. I'm not sure of any show that has pissed me off this much and I'm not even done with the first season of this two season abortion of a milked to death franchise.

Try and guess the show.


Sunday had severe irritation in left eye
Monday felt horrible and took off work
Tuesday felt ok but eyes were irritated
Wednesday clinic diagnosed as pinkeye and given drops
Friday pain free and it's cleared up a lot.

I'm so heartbroken about missing work.



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