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We need

To set out drop traps for trucktards. Blinding LED lights are good bait. Once you've trapped them you have a certified trucktard qualified medical professional remove their testicles in a safe and humane manner. Insert a tracking chip in their beer gut and release them to the wild. The trap, snip, chip, release program is good for America!
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Free Koolaids

The Clowd clowns are offering FREE KOOLAIDS! WOOHOO! You sucked down their excretions and you now want to complain when the bill comes due?

Some folk are complaining about a recent microsoft terms of service change. They can change the one you've already agreed to whenever they like so you'd need to sell your first born and you can only take that to arbitration!

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Sony the one and ...


I bought a Sony Trinitron TV in 1983 when I was stationed at the Pentagon in Washington DC. It lasted as long as the commercial displays in this video. I repaired it once. I ended up in hard times and sold it in 2001 when it was 18 years old. I was told by the person who bought it that it lasted them till 2005-6.

I had one of the original Sony TVs that are in the video. It is the world's first transistorized TV. It has a beautiful picture. I acquired it from a customer who did not want to spend the money for the repair of it. I spent hours fixing it right, even hand winding a coil needed for shaping the vertical retrace so the image was linear from top to bottom. I gave it to the Sony representative Mr. Grignon as we were Sony authorized and he was affable and had done a lot to help us do good work for Sony and had made it very profitable to do so.

I experienced what is displayed in the video happen. From 1983 to 1999 the Sony I adored became a hollowed out shell devoid of anything worth appreciating. A money grubbing corporation slapping their name on foreign excretions of dubious quality. It did allow them to engorge themselves on money while destroying their prestige but now they're nothing.

I've never forgiven and I'll never buy Sony.
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Fish from Vietnam

I've eaten Swai and liked it so I did some searching on it and found
nothing bad about it at that time but my search was shallow and it
appears there was an intense marketing drive which shoved data out of
reach for a time. Gaming google is difficult but not impossible, it's
easier to pay them buckets of cash for better results for whatever
drivel you're shilling. I've no idea which was done but the end result
was to mask out any problem with fish from Vietnam.

When I'd found out where Swai is from I have declined to eat more. I'd
intended to check to see if my assumptions were correct but I neglected
to do so and forgot about it. I was reminded to check again from a post
by a friend.

It seems that on the coast of Vietname in 2016 a steel mill dumped toxic
chemicals directly into the ocean through a sewer pipe they'd installed.
300 tons of chemicals. A massive fish kill occurred and the Vietnamese
government and the mill did nothing for a time other than a government
ban on ocean fishing in the contaminated area.

"The government said the factory mixed up a toxic cocktail when it
dumped phenols, iron hydroxide and cyanide into the sea. Hanoi is still
monitoring water quality offshore and has not declared the water safe
for fishing within 20 nautical miles of the coast." article
about the mill admitting fault and the government's press release.

Fact about steelmaking: In 1st world steel making water is used to
clean out cyanides from blast furnace exit gas. The cyanides are
an unavoidable waste product of steelmaking. The water can be
reused several times and when testing determines it's no longer
usable the water needs to be processed to remove or neutralize
the cyanides and make it safe to return to the water source.
This is according to Metrohm the maker of an automated cyanide
lab-in-a-box test device. This device is designed to ensure
discharge water complies with the very strict regulations in the
EU. It allows testing of the water to ensure it is scrubbing out
the cyanides and when the water is spent and needs further processing.

The fishing ban devastated the local fishermen and they and millions of
people along the coast cannot be made whole without compensation. While
the mill has agreed to pay $500 million that will not be enough. I'm not
clear if that is in Vietnamese dong (sic) which is $22030.00 or if the
article used the dollar sign correctly and it's actually a half billion
US. Even if it is half a billion US dollars it would not be enough.

In building the steel mill the graft and corruption were evident, by
government, the Taiwanese plant owner, other contractors like Samsung
etc. Worker saftey was a joke. Then there was a major riot where several
hundred Filipino and Thai workers fought for 8 hours with rocks,
firebombs and whatever else they could get their hands on on. Fight took
place Sept 5 1999.

It appears the graft and corruption are not much different now than then
as the steel mill is still in operation and there has been no
prosecutions for violating Vietnamese laws.

Then there's Swai. It's a river fish that's deadly if you catch and eat
it due to the toxic sewer that is the Mekong river and delta. While the farm
raised can be good they screw that up regularly enough that the US
requires testing which may not be done and contaminated fish can end up
in groceries. Aldi is the latest victim I could find where the testing
was not done but no illness or fatalities have been reported.

So no fish from Vietnam until they quit being a 4th world country. I'll
just put them right there with the Chinese who make 'soy' sauce from
human hair and toxic chemicals.
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I am done.

I will maintain this to preserve the name and some of the contacts who will only use it but I won't be using it as a means of getting out info. Too much of a crap fest, too much porn spam. I can't send family here. It's currently not usable at all.

I'm using pastebin for geek stuff now.
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Fix for the Kobo Weather station hack

Ok this does NOT WORK as described. You have to apply for a free api license key from

Use the API explorer to generate an link with your key and zip code. Use XML format. It will look something like this.

Don't pick any of the options, they're not used just enter your zipcode though you can enter zip code or latitude longitude.

Once you have that get the koboroot.tgz file here

Decompress it in a folder, it's a gzipped tar file so you'll have to find a tool for it for windows.

inside it is a file called, it's located at mnt/onboard/.apps

Edit it and find the worldweatheronline link which will be this

weather_link='{0},{1}&format=xml&num_of_days=5&key=525804183f140652120211'.format(lat, lon)

Delete everything from ' to the end like this


paste in the link you made


save it and then compress the mnt directory into another file named koboroot.tgz and follow the instructions on how to get that loaded into the kobo.

I am working on a clock that updates every second if I can figure out how to make the screen only refresh every minute and not let the script keep updating the weather every second.

Once I fixed it I ran the script that sets it up to update every hour. it will get a nice frame to hide the power plug and get hung in my kitchen.
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Eclipse and lisp


Eclipse is distributed as a compressed file with something incompatible with vindows pseudo-zip so grab 7zip and uncompress it in Program files. Then install the absolute latest java and if needed get the utility to scrub old grounds of java out of your system. Go to the clisp website and get the large economy size of clisp for win32.

I did get it working and tried an example lisp but it has to have been an ancient and decrepit example. I used several clisp examples and it's fine. I have the latest patched version of XP on the wheezer-tron 1000 and it could run it. It did have to chuckle to itself a bit with one of the larger demos..

Once you've gotten the clisp bit done you can make a desktop, start menu or quick menu icon for eclipse.
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