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Sony the one and ...


I bought a Sony Trinitron TV in 1983 when I was stationed at the Pentagon in Washington DC. It lasted as long as the commercial displays in this video. I repaired it once. I ended up in hard times and sold it in 2001 when it was 18 years old. I was told by the person who bought it that it lasted them till 2005-6.

I had one of the original Sony TVs that are in the video. It is the world's first transistorized TV. It has a beautiful picture. I acquired it from a customer who did not want to spend the money for the repair of it. I spent hours fixing it right, even hand winding a coil needed for shaping the vertical retrace so the image was linear from top to bottom. I gave it to the Sony representative Mr. Grignon as we were Sony authorized and he was affable and had done a lot to help us do good work for Sony and had made it very profitable to do so.

I experienced what is displayed in the video happen. From 1983 to 1999 the Sony I adored became a hollowed out shell devoid of anything worth appreciating. A money grubbing corporation slapping their name on foreign excretions of dubious quality. It did allow them to engorge themselves on money while destroying their prestige but now they're nothing.

I've never forgiven and I'll never buy Sony.

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